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Fire in the Mountain (5)


Set against the backdrop of an erupting volcano  in New Zealand’s North Island, Lana wrestles with her recent grief, for survival on the mountain and her future with a man whose past she was once a part of.  Woven through her narrative is Alfred’s story and the theft of war medals, and which Lana finds herself enmeshed in, further threatening her life.  Follow Lana as she tries to extricate herself from not only the mountain but her past.

Welcome to the fifth snippet of Fire in the Mountain

At the sight of the hut Lana breathed a sigh of relief.  It represented safety, domesticity, warmth and food.  She desperately wanted to reach it and close out the grinding sounds of danger.  But there was something else in her, a force she did not recognise.  She equally wanted to experience the enigmatic draw of that danger.  She had to see the lahar for herself, to be a part of its wild and untamed raw power.  She wanted to experience what Paul felt.