Fire in the Mountain (7)


Set against the backdrop of an erupting volcano  in New Zealand’s North Island, Lana wrestles with her recent grief, for survival on the mountain and her future with a man whose past she was once a part of.  Woven through her narrative is Alfred’s story and the theft of war medals, and which Lana finds herself enmeshed in, further threatening her life.  Follow Lana as she tries to extricate herself from not only the mountain but her past.

Welcome to the seventh snippet of Fire in the Mountain

She could hear someone calling her but not using her name.  It should have been her mother but it was a man’s voice.

‘Lady, lady,’ called the voice.

‘Paul?’ she murmured.

‘Lady wake up,’ the voice said with urgency, a bit gruff.

Lana was waiting for Paul to kiss her.  How could he kiss her while calling lady at the same time?  She stirred but could not open her eyes.  She would not open them until she felt his tender lips on hers.  A sweet promise, so close, so close.

‘Lady,’ called Bill again.  The voice was not one she recognised.  She grunted as she forced her eyes open.  A figure, blurry, was making its way towards her slowly, clutching his side.

‘Oh,’ Lana moaned.  ‘What happened?’

‘You must have fell girl.’  He offered her one hand and grimaced as he held the other one fast to his side.  She didn’t take it but struggled into a sitting position.

‘Oh my head,’ she groaned, gently rubbing the back of it.  ‘No wait, I remember.  Your mates attacked me.  Where are they?  What’s going on?’


About lilyennis

Author, artist, martial artist, flautist, and cat fanatic. I live in Thames, NZ with four beautiful orange tabbies, a seal Siamese, a cockatoo and a husband. When I'm not agonising over my writing I'm Scottish Country Dancing or visiting art galleries and art trails with friends. I have been vegan since December 2013 and am loving it!

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