Alert Level 1, Colour Satus Yellow


It’s five weeks today since Mt Tongariro reminded us of its presence with an eruption. At present it is still on Alert Level 1 which signifies signs of volcano unrest and a departure from typical background surface activity. Its colour level is yellow which means that volcanic activity has decreased significantly but continues to be monitored for possible renewed unrest.

Take a look at for the latest. Also click on the cameras to get a sequence of images. Today dawn is about 6 am and it’s bright and cloudy, with a few specks of rain on the Tongariro camera.

Imagine Lana and Paul holed up in a hut on the side of Mt Ruapehu, volcanic rocks raining down. Brrr, dangerous stuff.  Smashwords ISBN 978-1-47 6-25231-5, Amazon ISBN 978-0-473-22189-8


About lilyennis

Author, artist, martial artist, flautist, and cat fanatic. I live in Thames, NZ with four beautiful orange tabbies, a seal Siamese, a cockatoo and a husband. When I'm not agonising over my writing I'm Scottish Country Dancing or visiting art galleries and art trails with friends. I have been vegan since December 2013 and am loving it!

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