New Zealand Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair


Well done New Zealand!  We were showcased at the world’s largest book fair which featured 7,300 exhibitors from 100 countries.  A staggering 90,000 people attended the 165,000 square metre site.  What fabulous exposure for our literary talent, and a bigger payback for us than the Rugby World Cup (the what?).  And with 65,000 German visitors to New Zealand each year, why would they not want to absorb the flavour of our country by reading as much as possible before they arrive.

Here’s to all us Indie Authors, especially New Zealand Indie Authors, for surely we must also benefit from the success of our compatriots who featured in Frankfurt.


About lilyennis

Author, artist, martial artist, flautist, and cat fanatic. I live in Thames, NZ with four beautiful orange tabbies, a seal Siamese, a cockatoo and a husband. When I'm not agonising over my writing I'm Scottish Country Dancing or visiting art galleries and art trails with friends. I have been vegan since December 2013 and am loving it!

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