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Is Stat You?



Is the book you’re reading turning you to stone?  Check out my latest book Fire in the Mountain.






For those of you who are sick of my mountains I’m going to treat you to a few photos of my place of work: Miranda Shorebird Centre.


The view over Widgery Lake from the office.  As you can see it’s been dry a while and it’s going to be dry for a lot longer yet.  This lake is rain fed, which is why it is dry.  It is so dry the banded rail have moved out.

Mt Ruaehu


Boots on Ruapehu We recently celebrated Geoff’s birthday by riding the chairlift from the top of the Bruce to the highest cafe in New Zealand.  Such splendour!  The chairlift was as quiet as a mouse, the sky was clear and there was narry a whiff of wind.  Below us the rocks looked inviting and as we rode further we were rewarded with snippets of snow.  Once on the ground we had a scuttle around the rock trails and of course off-trail.  To me the middle of summer is the best time to explore Lana and Paul’s mountain  🙂