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When you squeeze a cat he becomes bagpipes




Or is it the other way around?  I always get that mixed up.  See if the answer is in EarthFlight One: A Dragon’s Adventure.

EarthFlight One: A Dragon’s Adventure


Book Description

Publication Date: August 13, 2013
Dragon and his pilot Wabbit discover new lands as they fly between the forgotten dimension, the uncharted dimension and sometimes Earth. At various stops they encounter sticky situations which divert them from their quest: to find Dragon’s clan.

Dragon is terribly knowledgeable on most things and he is older than anyone Wabbit has ever met. In the old days he was a boy but he does not yearn for those years, for he has been a dragon longer then he can remember. He used to think he was a bit clumsy and not altogether handsome until he met Wabbit who seems to be in awe of him. With Wabbit guiding him through the skies with her boundless optimism he grows in confidence, and finds that she is a sponge happily soaking up his amazing knowledge even though he suspects she doesn’t understand him sometimes.

Wabbit used to be a rabbit who is now a beautiful pixie girl with long golden hair and who wears a pixie dress almost the colour of turquoise but not quite. Her world is full of charm and beauty and this is her view of Dragon, who incidentally, she thinks is the most wonderful Dragon in all the dimensions. 

This book contains three adventures that will appeal not only to children but also to young adults and to adults who read to their children. Do you remember the days of radio stories where you let your imagination fly away with the story? As Wabbit says, ‘Up, up and away…’


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A beautiful review



5.0 out of 5 stars Fire in the Mountain – Five stars for Lily Ennis !!!, August 24, 2013
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This review is from: Fire in the Mountain (Kindle Edition)

I’m a Kiwi, living in the States and ‘Fire in the Mountain’ immediately transported me back to skiing vacations on this same Mountain – ‘Ruapehu’. It should be obvious to any reader of this novel – that the author extensively researched various specialties regarding the study of Volcanic activity in New Zealand. It led us onto the slopes of this awe inspiring mountain and gave us insight into the dedication of those who spend their lives studying and appreciating its uniqueness and beauty. In this novel – we hold our breath during an avalanche and again for the hope of a past romance, re-kindled. Thank you also for bringing us insight into some historical events – actions of brave men – which are woven into the present day activities of some decidedly not so. An informative and thoroughly enjoyable novel delivered in such an engaging manner that it is hard to believe that it is the first for this author. Congratulations, Lily Ennis!!!
When can we expect to see the film?

PS. Just one complaint: – Fire in the Mountain has made me homesick!