I have a business background principally in valuing property.  I completed an Earth Science degree (geology) in 2010 and decided a great way to channel the passion I have for the sciences is to combine it with writing.  So look out for highly motivated and academic heros and heroines.  I’ll see if I can’t get a little romance going for them!

My home for the past 29 years has been a one hundred year old timber farmhouse on a few acres of land outside the gorgeous town of Thames in New Zealand. My husband and I host touring cyclists and we also enjoy cycling. One day we hope to be touring the world on our bikes.

A goal of mine is to complete a walk from the tip of New Zealand at Cape Reinga to the bottom of New Zealand at Bluff.  I am loosely following the Te Araroa Trail and have completed several segments during the holidays – yes I work full time in a law firm. Of course, one day the walk will be the subject of a book. That fact alone is motivation enough to complete the walk. It’s tough.

I have tried to live in a minimalist fashion over the last few years and to this end I find that I am even more aware of my environmental footprint than ever before. As a science graduate I am acutely aware how fragile planet Earth is and my message to all is that we must tread lightly, purchase goods ethically and with thought and treat everything in nature with awe.  

Meanwhile I have plenty of ideas in my head to keep the typewriter keys clacking.

Enjoy my site and my books.

Whakawhetai koe me te aroha nui (thank you and much love)

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  1. Hi Lily,

    I found you through Deborah at Tugboat Design. She designs the covers for my novels too. I would love to run something for you and your new book on my blog if you’d like me to. We could do a promotion for your book with an excerpt and book description – or an interview – whatever works for you. The more publicity, the better! If you are interested, you can Direct Message me on Twitter @DeannaLSletten or email me at writer11313@yahoo.com


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