Dragon and his pilot, Wabbit, discover new lands as they fly between the forgotten dimension, the uncharted dimension and even Earth. They encounter sticky situations which divert them from their quest: to find Dragon’s clan.

Dragon is a magnificent fellow with translucent green wings, lizardy scales and a great sweeping tail which is marvellous for other people to slide down on. He is a most wordly fellow, wise and kind. Long ago he used to be a boy, but that is a time so distant in his memory he can barely remember the transformation from boy to dragon.

Dragon’s companion is Wabbit, a lively, beautiful girl who is so distracted by the wonders around her that sometimes she navigates Dragon where they ought not go. She thinks Dragon is terribly handsome and brainy; two qualities she would never attribute to herself. Long ago Wabbit used to be a rabbit and although she thinks she may have relatives all over the dimensions, she is more than happy to assist Dragon to find his family before she embarks on any such mission herself.

This book is the second in the EarthFlight series. It contains three adventures that will appeal not only to children but to young adults and adults who read to their children. Do you remember the days of radio stories where you let your imagination fly away with the story? As Wabbit says, “Up, up and away…”

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