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Fire in the Mountain is presently being edited, I promise.  Whoever would start writing a book knowing it would take so long from woe to go?  However, the great job our New Zealand Olympians are doing prompted me to ponder an athletic feat in my book. 

The story takes place in a hut on the side of Mt Ruapehu – and if you’ve read some of my posts you will be getting a feel for it – there, hidden away is a set of dumbells weighing 20 kg total.  Pretty stupid for someone to cart those in on their back for two hours, right?  Who could make that stuff up?  Rubbish.  Well, it’s true.  A couple of years ago a friend was body building and no way was he going to interrupt his training schedule for a little r and r in the mountains.  When we found out why he was sooooo slow on this trip we ribbed him no end and suggested he could have used a few rocks instead.  Guess the training regime made him soft in the head.